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Additional Pointslocal Features

Pointslocal allows you to create and manage all kinds of events: 

staff-created, user-submitted and aggregated

Intuitive Interface

We start with an editing interface that makes managing the complexities of the job a breeze:

  • Join the many customers who “set it and forget it” - or - the many customers who opt for little, medium or maximum editorial control

  • Allow editors to work simultaneously on the same data with user roles and rights, edit locking, and version control, thus making it easy to manage a large number of calendars that share data


Key Data Management

  • Automated and/or manual entry of descriptions and titles optimized for web, print and mobile

  • Numerous publish statuses, editor specific queues, user-submitted queues, alerting and other workflow optimization tools

  • Robust recurrence tools for that allows for exceptions, irregular recurrences and more.

  • Automate or edit tagging of content by category, location and features (e.g. free, music, art)

Robust Publishing Tool Suite

  • Creation and scheduling of any number of print export templates with mark-up for your print CMS

  • Filtered exports on any number of criteria such as location, category, dates or other metadata

  • Robust media library allows photos, videos, scripting or any other media to be associated with any listing

  • Creation of "editor picks" for featured listings

Community Self-Publishing Tools

Pointslocal Events makes it simple for individuals and businesses to submit and enhance their events.

  • A simple UI guides them through the required fields

  • Auto-suggestions for likely venues and addresses, categories and tags from a controlled ontology

  • User-submitted events can be edited with emailed event-specific logins for key partners

Key Functionality


Pointslocal is a true digital-first events platform. Manage original, user-generated and aggregated events in one place for all channels.

  • Robust edit and workflow controls with real-time live updates

  • Smart auto-tagging and duplicate detection

  • Fully-styled listings directly into print CMS

Revenue Generating

Drive revenue with your ads and a variety of upsells:

  • Featured event placement

  • Paid search placement

  • Multiple ticketing partner integrations including TicketMaster, Goldstar, and Ticketcity.

  • Packages, festivals and guides capabilities

Easy in Every Way

Our expedited onboarding process can get your calendar up in days.

  • Comprehensive events delivered with without you having to do the work collecting the data

  • Self-service ecommerce
  • Drag-drop-design, customizable widgets, and a robust API

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